Sure, there are
Companies services out there that cover more industries than we do.
But for the defense, aerospace, and
government technology companies
you actually care about, nothing
comes close to DACIS Companies.

DACIS Customers gives you access to an astonishing gamut of customer information. You'll find military customers here: U.S. and international military services and defense agencies. You'll find civil agencies as well: aviation authorities, space agencies, coast guards, homeland security agencies, and more.

You'll also find prime contractors and OEMs. Airlines, satellite builders, and satellite buyers. Helicopter flight services providers and fractional ownership specialists. We could go on.

In all, DACIS covers more than 4,500 customers in more than 100 nations. No matter who your customer is, you're going to see them with new eyes in DACIS Customers.

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The U.S. Military, In Detail
DACIS Customers contains individual reports on more than 900 U.S. military customers, in organizational hierarchies extending to secondary and tertiary levels—and further, in many cases. We provide descriptions, locations, and websites. We tell you what each customer has been buying and who they've been buying it from.
We Cover Civil Customers, Too
More than 600 of them, in fact. Our coverage includes all nine major departments of the U.S. federal government—beginning with Defense, but also including Agriculture, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Transportation, and Treasury. We also cover the more than 20 independent agencies not coming under a department—notable among which are NASA and GSA. Full linkages of our reports are provided to our Contracts and FBO Pro™ modules.
Integration With DoD Budget
Our DoD Budget module contains individual coverage of nearly 2,000 RDT&E and Procurement line items from the Pentagon's annual budget requests. We match these line items with the more than 900 DoD entities tracked in DACIS Customers. This is exhaustive, detailed, work. It takes us months. Our subscribers understand, and our competition takes a pass. We've been doing this faithfully, year in and year out, for more than a decade. Some of our subscribers call this our most valuable feature.
…Including the PEOs
It's no secret that the most of the Pentagon's requirements are set by the Program Executive Offices (PEOs) maintained by the services and the OSD. There are more than 30 of these behind-the-scenes power players, and you'll find them all in DACIS Customers. Our reports on each PEO are comprehensive, containing operational descriptions and breakouts of all sub-elements reporting to each. And for each PEO you'll find connections to the contracts they're running, the programs they're responsible for, and the line items they're involved with in DoD Budget. You'll even find new requirements being advertised in FedBizOpps (another of the "Pro" features of our FBO Pro™ module). You haven't seen coverage like this anywhere else.
Integration With FBO Pro™
Every day thousands of records are imported into our FBO Pro™ module from the U.S. government's FedBizOpps site—and more than 98% of them are automatically and reliably matched to records in DACIS Customers. This makes it simple to track customers of special interest—to receive notifications on developing requirements, and updates on high-priority procurements.
International Customers
Your interests don't stop at the water's edge, so ours don't either. We provide information on customers from more than 100 nations: ministries of defense, military services (including breakouts for naval and army aviation, and special forces), space agencies, civil aeronautical agencies, coast guards, military police organizations, and select commercial customers such as airlines and aerospace/defense prime contractors and OEMs. You'll find NATO here, and linkages to Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contracts.
"We have to understand what's happening in the information technology market place and need more than new variations on company rankings. To dig, investigate and explain what our competitors are doing, there's nothing like this service."
Thomas Auld, Manager, Business Intelligence, Northrop Grumman Information Technology
"The DACIS system is the most recent addition to our BD Toolbox and has quickly gained support among our users. It is a comprehensive system, containing numerous modules. It provides the user so much detailed information, it's almost like having a CI analyst working right along with you!"
Saundra L. Bowersox, Director, Competitive Intelligence, L-3 MPRI
"When using subscription databases for Price to Win (PTW), I spend 80% of my time in DACIS because it provides the most complete and comprehensive competitive intelligence of any service on the market. DACIS enables us to quickly get a snapshot of a market, competitor, or program without having to spend significant time searching multiple sources. Thank you!"
Ricardo Lopez, Director, Competition Solutions, Lone Star
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