As industry Programs grow in complexity, so does the need for competitive intelligence.
You need one-stop background on
supplier relationships, competitors,
subcontractors, M&A, task orders,
and hard links to the DoD Budget

In the defense and aerospace industries, one distinction is quite clear: a contract is an event, but a program is an ecosystem. Like any ecosystem, a program contains many diverse players, all having their own vital places in the food chain. As industry programs grow in size and complexity, the need for robust competitive intelligence that helps you understand these programs grows with them.

That robust intelligence is the DACIS Programs module. You need to know who is working with whom, what they're doing together, where they're doing it, and how all of those involved are benefiting. This powerful tool creates a deep perspective of programs by providing information on the primes, subcontractors, customers, supplier relationships, competitors, subcontractors, documents, related initiatives, training, and services.

The DACIS Programs module contains more than 17,000 descriptions of major defense and aerospace programs that help you know who is supporting a program with maintenance, with training and simulation, and with other services. With linkages to the DoD Budget module, you can see planned program spending, both RDT&E and procurement. Linkages to the Federal Procurement Data System also allow you to see historical spending on hundreds of major U.S. government programs.

DACIS Programs geographic coverage is both U.S. and international. Covered sectors are defense, aerospace, government technology, and homeland security. In keeping with the distinctive power of the other DACIS modules, DACIS Programs is integrated with the entire DACIS family allowing you to perform analysis and generate insights that only DACIS users can achieve.

DACIS Programs is part of the DACIS Professional Edition and complements the DACIS DoD Budget, DM&A Service, and Advance|C4ISR modules.

"The DACIS system is the most recent addition to our BD Toolbox and has quickly gained support among our users. It is a comprehensive system, containing numerous modules. It provides the user so much detailed information, it's almost like having a CI analyst working right along with you!"
Saundra L. Bowersox, Director, Competitive Intelligence, L-3 MPRI
"DACIS occupies 4-to-6 of my browser tabs at any one time."
Senior Manager, General Dynamics Corporation
Jan 30, 2018